Vision and Mission

Management Studies

Vision and Mission

Department Vision:
To impart the best management education instilled with discipline, values and leadership qualities that will produce skilled professionals.
Department Mission:

  • To provide quality management education and build competent human resource.
  • To impart globally applicable skill-sets to the students and inculcate a spirit of new venture creation for fueling economic growth.
  • Create, sustain and apply learning in an interdisciplinary environment with consideration for ethical, ecological and economic aspects of nation building.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):
On successful completion of PG in Management Studies, the Graduates will:
PEO1:The program will inculcate a positive professional growth attitude among the students.
PEO2:The knowledge of management studies will enable the students to establish themselves asa professional managerand it helps to developa real-time problem solving skills. In all functional & allied areas of management.
PEO3:The program will help to acquire necessary managerial skills to think strategically and to lead, motivate & manage teams thereby enhancing managerial effectiveness

Programme Outcomes (POs):
On successful completion of PG in Management Studies, The graduate will have an ability to
PO1: Conquer in depth knowledge of management discipline, including wider and global perspectives with an ability to discriminate, evaluate, analyze & synthesize existing & new knowledge, & integration of the same for enhancement of knowledge, & integration of the same for enhancement of knowledge.
PO2: Analyze complex business problems critically, apply independent judgement for synthesizing information to make intellectual & or creative advances for conducting research in a wider theoretical, practical & policy context
PO3: Apply technology to enhance organizational efficiency & create innovative business solutions
PO4: An understanding of professional, ethical, legal, financial, marketing, sales, logical security & social issues & responsibilities.
PO5: Acquire leadership skills, understand group & individual dynamics & be able to work in teams.
PO6: An ability to communicate effectively, both in writing & orally.
PO7: Apply conceptual business foundations to solve practical decision making problems both individually & as part of teams using techniques such as case analysis projects & assignments.
PO8: Overcome unethical issues in managing organizations
PO9: Identify a timely opportunity & using business innovation to pursue that opportunity to create value & wealth for the betterment of the individual & society at large. (successful career, immediate employment & entrepreneurship)
PO10: Students will observe & examine critically the outcomes of one’s action & make corrective measures subsequently & learn from mistakes without depending on external feedback (independent & reflective learning)
PO11: Have the updated information on environments affecting businesses.
PO12: Familiar themselves with financial concepts analysis & reporting systems.