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Campus Radio

Manifesting the power of proficient skills and team work with euphonious voice .Campus radio is clubbing all divergent talents into a single platform, here the learner and the veteran share the same platform as both of them held each others back and make some exotic stuff for the listeners out there.The exceptional leadership qualities and robust team work tend to pull out the best of the skills in every student .Campus radio had broken all the barriers of pandemic with some unorthodox ideas like E-Farewell that hit over hundreds of listeners

Constitution of the GATES Campus Radio:

GATES Campus Radio is a student-run radio station that broadcasts on campus. It allows students to showcase their talents in a variety of professions to the campus audience of students and faculty via FM radio.
1. To bring life skills and educational information, development motivation & entertainment programming to the students. To provide a platform for the students to build their communication skills and give them exposure to a working media environment.
2. This allows students to express their views and build their confidence whether it is discussing important issues or sharing ideas, radio gives students a confident voice within institute.
3. Offers a platform for students to discuss the issues that matter to them in a non-confrontational format. Whether it is discussing important issues or sharing the music they love, radio gives students a voice within institute.
4. Planning and presenting radio shows requires a great deal of teamwork. Gates campus Radio station is like a ‘real’ station assigning roles and responsibilities for presenters, engineers and station management.
5. To improve writing skills , the first time a student looks at the 'mic' and then asks what they should say, they realise they need to write scripts and prepare between links. Extend this preparation for talk shows, radio drama or telephone interviews and it is clear that writing plays a big role in radio and extends to meeting the National Curriculum in many ways.

Constitution of the GATES Campus Radio consists of:

SL.No Name of the Person Designation Post
1 Mrs.Rangeswaramma Assistant Professor Faculty co-ordinator
2 C.Karthik II year CSE Student Chief Executive Officer
3 N. Madhu Priya I year CSE Student Chief Operating Officer
4 P.Sai Ganesh II year ECE Student Chief Technology Officer
5 O.Sreekanth Reddy II year CSE Student Chief Financial Officer
6 G.Sri Vaishnavi II year ECE Student Chief Marketing Officer
7 V.Laxmi Sai Aparna II year EEE Student Chief Quality Officer