National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme (NSS) is an Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. Its primary focus is to develop the personality of students through community service. Main objectives of NSS are for the students to:

  • Understand the community in which they work.
  • Understand themselves in relation to their community.
  • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving.
  • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  • Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems.
  • Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities.
  • Gain skills in mobilizing community participation.
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes.
  • Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Practice national integration and social harmony.

J.N.T.U.A has sanctioned NSS (National Service Scheme) unit to GATES. GATES has a very active and committed NSS unit headed by B.Ismail Zabiullah, Assistant Professor,Department of Management Studies.

Social and moral values are what keeps an individual and The Nation in the forefront of development. With this belief and faith in NSS MOTTO – "NOT ME BUT YOU" Student volunteers in NSS conducts several activities such as, Blood Donation, Blood Grouping, Eye camps, Medical Camps, Distribution of, Notebooks and uniforms to poor children and blankets to the aged, create awareness on cleanliness, tree plantation and more. All the activities are conducted in the backward region of Gooty and surrounding villages and working towards its development.

The list of NSS activities taken up:


Academic Year 2021-22

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 World Aids Day 01-12-2021 Sree Sai Junior College ,Gooty

Academic Year 2020-21

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 CLEAN INDIA program 11-10-2021 Gandhi circle and vegetable market area,Gooty
2 Say No to Tobacco 08-10-2021 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
3 Gandhiji's birth anniversary 02-10-2021 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
4 Awareness Program on Legal Literacy 17-09-2021 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
5 Engineers day 15-09-2021 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
6 International Literacy Week 14-9-2021 Gootyanantapuram village
7 Teachers Day 04-09-2021 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
8 Independence Day 15-8-2021 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
9 Covid-19 Vaccination Drive 26-8-2021 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
10 Awarness Programme on Girl Child Education 07-08-2021 Ramrajupalle village
11 International Yoga Day 21-06-2021 Virtual Mode
12 Extension Activity-Serving Food to the Poor 17-06-2021 Orphanage Home,Gooty,Anantapur(Dist)
13 Extension Activity-Distribution of Food 29-05-2021 Gooty,Anantapur(Dist)
14 Extension Acitivity-Distribution of Face Masks 22-05-2021 Gooty R.S,Gooty
15 Donation of Cots to Covid-19 Care Centre 20-05-2021 V.K.Bhavan,Anantapur
16 Extension Activity--Distribution of Masks 04-05-2021 Gooty,Anantapur(Dist)
17 Earth Day 22-04-2021 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
18 Standing Operating Procedures 20-04-2021 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
19 Teekakaran Utsav 13-04-2021 Gooty, Anantapur(Dist)
20 Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations 12-04-2021 Gooty, Anantapur(Dist)
21 Azadi ka Amruth Mahotsav 24-03-2021 Gooty, Anantapur(Dist)
22 Women's Day Celebrations 08-03-2021 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty

Academic Year 2019-20

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 Plantation of Saplings 05-06-2020 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
2 Distribution of Biscuits and Peanut chikki packets 30-05-2020 Sweet saviors Orphanage and old age home, Gooty
3 Food Kits Distribution to migrant labors in Sramik Rail travelling from Chennai to Mumbai 23-05-2020 Railway Station, Guntakal
4 Awareness Campaign-II 21-05-2020 Virtual Mode
5 Distribution of Groceries to Front line Warriors 20-05-2020 Municipal Office, Gooty
6 Distribution of Food kits to Migrant Labors 01-05-2020 to 08-05-2020 Toll gate, NH-44 and Gooty Town
7 Distribution of Vegetables to the Poor People 29-04-2020 to 14-05-2020 CPI, Z Veerareddy colony, Poultry, MR factory, Colonies, Bandimotu street, Babakonda street & Gooty RS
8 Solidarity Efforts: Distributing of Lunch Drinking Water & Butter Milk 07-04-2020 & 10-04-2020 Gooty Town & Anantapur
9 Covid-19 Awareness Campaign (Virtual mode) 01-04-2020 Among What’s-app Groups of Students, Faculties & Staff
10 Sponsored Mini Tractor Sprayer 26-03-2020 Gooty Municipality,Gooty

Academic Year 2018-19

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 International Yoga Day 21-06-2019 Open Air Auditorium,Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
2 World Book Day 23-04-2019 Central Library,Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
3 World Earth Day 22-04-2019 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
4 Fund Collection for Pulwama Attack 01-03-2019 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
5 Blood Donation Camp 28-01-2019 Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty
6 Free Medical Camp 27-01-2019 SC-colony,Gooty
7 Awareness on Vote Enrollment 23-01-2019 Seminar Hall, Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
8 Blood Donation Camp 26-09-2018 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
9 Blood grouping and awareness on blood donation 20-09-2018 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty

Academic Year 2017-18

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 Mission Harithandhrapradesh 08-07-2017 Gooty, Anantapur(Dist)
2 Awareness program on Voter Enrollment 19-07-2017 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
3 Anti-Ragging 16-08-2017 Dr. Abdul Kalam Auditorium, Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
4 Blood Grouping Camp 14-09-2017 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
5 Plantation Drive 19-09-2017 Model school,Gooty
6 SwachhataHisewa 24-09-2017 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
7 Rashtriya Ektha Diwas-National unity day 31-10-2017 Gooty,Anantapur(Dist)
8 National Youth Day celebration 12-01-2018 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
9 Blood Donation Camp 08-03-2018 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
10 Walk for water 07-07-2018 Gooty, Anantapur(Dist)
11 SwatchBharath 03-08-2018 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty

Academic Year 2016-17

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 Vanam-Manam Program 21-07-2016 College Campus, Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
2 Blood Grouping Camp 26-08-2016 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
3 Blood Donation Camp 21-09-2016 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
4 A rally on "Domala pi Dandayathra - Parisarala Pari subhratha" 26-09-2016 Gooty, Anantapur(Dist)
5 Appreciation and acknowledgement "Army welfare fund Battle casualties" by Syndicate Bank Gooty. 06-10-2016 Gooty, Anantapur(Dist)
6 An awareness Program on world Heritage day organized by Archaeological Department 24-11-2016 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
7 Road Safety 19-01-2017 Dr. Abdul Kalam Auditorium, Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty

Academic Year 2015-16

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 Laid  Road to A P Model High School at Pamidi 14-04-2015 Pamidi (M), Anantapur (Dist)
2 Distribution of Books and Uniforms for Govt. School Children 01-07-2015 Chatrapathi Sivaji High School, Rajendra Nagar Gunkatal.
3 Blood Grouping Camp 03-10-2015 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
4 Blood Donation Camp 05-10-2015 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
5 Medical Camp 24-12-2015 Kasepalli Village, Peddavadugur Mandal
6 Eye Camp 20-01-2016 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
7 Plantation Program on Republic Day 26-01-2016 College Campus Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
8 Blankets and clothes Distribution 21-03-2016 Govt. Hospital, Gooty

Academic Year 2014-15

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 Medical Camp 06-06-2014 Gooty, Anantapuram Village, Peddavadugur Mandal
2 Blood Grouping Camp 10-09-2014 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
3 Blood Donation Camp 11-09-2014 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
4 Plantation Program 26-01-2015 College Campus
5 Blankets and clothes Distribution 19-02-2015 RIDES Orphanage home, Gooty
6 Medical Camp in Girls Hostel 21-03-2015 Gates College Girls Hostel, Gooty
7 Eye Camp 10-04-2015 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty

Academic Year 2013-14

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 Eye Camp 15-08-2013 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
2 Blood Grouping Camp 02-10-2013 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
3 Blood Donation Camp 03-01-2014 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
4 Distribution of Books and Uniforms for Govt. School Children 26-01-2014 Govt.High School 8th ward Kota, Gooty(M)
5 Medical Camp 10-02-2014 Thurakapalli(v), Gooty(M)
6 Distribution of Essential Commodities 07-04-2014 M.S Jr College Ground, Gooty
7 Laid Canals for Irrigation at Pathikotha Cheruvu 25-04-2014 Guntakal (M)

Academic Year 2012-13

S.No Title Of The Event Date Place
1 Blood Grouping Camp 30-07-2012 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
2 Distribution of Note Books & Stationary 15-08-2012 M.P.P School, Kasepalli, Peddavaduguru.
3 Blood Donation Camp 23-08-2012 M.S.Degree College, Gtl Road, Gooty
4 Distribution of Uniforms for Auto Drivers 03-10-2012 Gandhi Chowk Gooty(M)
5 Medical Camp 19-12-2012 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
6 Eye Camp 10-03-2013 Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty
7 Providing drinking water for people 17-04-2013 Near R.T.C Bus Stand, Gooty


On 01/12/2021,WORLD AIDS DAY an awareness program on the HIV/AIDS has been organized to the students of Sree Sai Junior College ,Gooty by the NSS Unit in association with Inner Wheel Club,wherein,Mr.B.Ismail zabiullah, NSS P.O. explained how HIV will affect human immune system and the Do's and Don't for the cause and prevention of HIV/AIDS.Dr.Manjunath,Asst.Prof. of Physics,Ms.Salomy Mr.Nagendra, Asst.Professors in Management Studies Mr.Joel ,Physical Director,participated in the above program.

On 11/10/2021,As part of CLEAN INDIA program the NSS Unit in collaboration with GATES INNER WHEEL CLUB has organised a rally and free distribution of bags made by eco- friendly products made of cloth and paper to the shopkeepers and customers at Gandhi circle and vegetable market area.The main aim of this program was to create awareness among the people about the ill-effects of plastic usage.Mr.B.Ismail zabiullah,NSS.P.O,Dr.Shanthi, President,Inner Wheel Club,Dr.Hari priya HoD,H&BS,Mrs.Manjula, Chemistry,Mr Joel,P.D along with the NSS volunteers of Engineering and Management Studies has participated in the above program

On 08/10/2021,NSS unit has organized an awareness program to the students and NSS Volunteers on the topic:Say No To Tobacco Mr.Rajashekar Reddy,Sub -Inspector of Police was the chief guest for this program.Mr.B.Ismail zabiullah,NSS.P.O.proposed vote of thanks on this occasion.Mr.Joel Viyay anand ,Physical Director,Mr.Baba fakruddin,Mr.O.Nagraju,NSS Dept.Coordinators of Civil and Mechnical Engineering,93 NSS volunteers participated in the above program.

On 02/10/2021, On the eve of Gandhiji's birth anniversary a meeting was convenived by the NSS unit.Addressing the students Smt.V.K.Sri Vani,Director,narrated the role of Gandhiji in india's freedom struggle. She advised the students to be truthful and follow Gandhian principles in life.Dr.D.Venkatesh,Principal in his address said that,Non violance is the powerful weapon through which Gandhiji fought and was successful in getting freedom from Britishers.He advised the students to respect elders ,adopt gender equality.Students of I year has spoken few episodes of Gandhiji's life.Mr.B.Ismail zabiullah,NSS-P.O,Mr.M.Sreenandan Reddy,Mr.P.Mahesh,Mr.Y.Venkata siva Krishna,Dept.NSS Coordinator of CSE,ECE,H&BS Mr.Joel ,P.D and NSS Volunteers participated in the above program.

On 13/09/2021, on the occassion of International literacy Week,the NSS unit has organized a rally in Gootyanantapuram village along with NSS Volunteers.In the meeting held at the centre of the village Mr.B.Ismail NSS , P.O explained the villagers about the importance of education and advised them to send their children to schools.Anganvadi school teacher of the village , Mrs.Sumangopinath, Associate Professor,Dept. Of H&S, Ms.S.Salomy Asst.Professor,Dept of Management Studies has participated in the rally.

On 04/09/2021 ,Teachers Day was celebrated in the college .Smt.V.K.Padmavathamma, Correspondent,Sri.V.Anand,CAO Inaugurated the function and explained the importance of teacher in shaping the future of the students and recollected their teachers because of whome they were at this stage.I-B.Tech students of EEE and CSE A/S have spoken on this occasion.They thanked all their teachers for helping them in learning and remembering the concepts of their study.
Mr.B.Ismail zabiullah,NSS P.O,Mr.Y.Siva krishna,NSS Dept.Coordinator ,H&BS, Faculty members of all Departments has participated in the above program.

On 15/08/2021 ,Independence Day,NSS unit celebrated 75th Independence Day where in Smt.V.K.Padmavathamma , Correspondent madam, hoisted the National flag and addressed the gathering.Sri.V.Anand CAO ,Mr.B.Ismail NSS P.O.,Mr.Joel Physical Director,NSS Volunteers , Students, faculties,and staff members participated in the above program

On 26/08/2021 ,Covid-19 Vaccination Drive,NSS Unit organized Covid-19 Vaccination Drive in Association with Department of Medical , Health and Family welfare. Dr.Prasanth vardhan,Medical officer and his team administered covaccine and covid sheld first and second dose to the staff and students among them 84 boys,62 girls and 30 staff,in total today 176 members got vaccinated.

On 21/06/2021 ,International Yoga Day.

On 07/08/2021 ,Awarness Programme on Girl Child Education , Here we felt immense pleasure to share moments of the NSS programme which was held in Ramrajupalle village, Gooty mandal. Today i.e, August 7,2021 gave an awareness programme on GIRL CHILD EDUCATION.

On 17/06/2021 ,Serving food to the poor , physical challenged and old people at orphanage near Gandhi circle,Gooty by Manikayam Prabhu,NSS volunteer ,Dept.of Management Studies

On 29/05/2021 ,A food distribution program was organised by NSS unit in association with Lions club of Gooty in which 100 food and water packets were distributed by Smt.V.K.Padmavathmma, Correspondent ,the Staff members along with NSS Volunteers to the poor people, home less, municipal sweepers, in different places at Gooty and Gooty R.S

On 28/05/21.A face mask distribution program was organised by the NSS unit in collaboration with lions club of Gooty,where in 100 face masks were distributed to poor people,auto drivers,rickshaw puller, pedestrians by the NSS Volunteers and the staff members.Mr. Ramu C.I.of police, Gooty participated in the program and distributed face masks.

Donation of 30 cots to Covid-19 care center at V.K Bhavan, Anantapur 20/5/2021

Distribution of Face mask to poor people under outreach/extension activities on 04/05/21 at Asha nagar, Gooty

On 22/04/2021,In connection, with Earth Day a plantation program was held in the campus wherein. Director madam, Principal sir, Anand sir, Dr.Venkata Reddy sir, participated in the same and planted saplings. Along with them Mr.B.Ismail zabiullah, NSS.P.O, Ms.S.Salomy & Mr.Sai krishna, NSS faculty coordinators of DMS & H&BS, Mr.Joel Vijay Anand,P.D. Mr.Nasir along with the I-B.Tech, I & II MBA students participated in the program.

On 20/04/2021 an awareness program on Standing Operating Procedures ( SOP) was organized by the NSS Unit to the faculty members, and students, wherein standing operating procedures were explained by NSS P.O to the faculty and students present in the program and advised them to follow it in order to control the spread of COVID-19.

On 13/04/2021 As part of "Teekakaran Utsav" directed by the Hon'ble Prime Minister the 20 members (Faculty and staff) are movitated by NSS Unit P.O to get vaccinated

On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations, the NSS unit of GATES institute of technology organised a program on 12/4/21. The NSS program officer, Volunteers, faculty members along with students garlanded the statue of Dr Ambedkar located at Gooty town and paid homage. Later a meeting was held with the gracious presence of the Correspondent Smt V K Padmavathamma, who addressed the students to respect the Constitution of free India and respect it's principles

On 24/03/2021 a rally was organised by the district authorities in connection with celebration of 75 years of India's independence.(Azadi ka Amruth Mahotsav).The aim of this program is to pay a tribute to all those known and unknown freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the cause of India's independence.
The rally was inaugurated by Sri.Gangadhar Gowd,Dy.Collector,Sri.Hari Prasad,Joint Collector Sri.Samuel,DEO,Smt.Vanuurbee, Chairman,Sri.Gangi Reddy, Commissioner,Gooty Municipality, and Smt.Padmavathamma, Correspondent,Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty.800 School children of Govt. and private schools of Gooty town along with students of Gates - NSS unit participated in the rally.
The rally concluded by paying homage at the Happanna memorial,a man who fought bravely with British soldiers to protect the rural women from their harassment

Gates institute of technology, Women Empowerment cell celebrated women's day. The invited guests were Mrs.Vasundhara,correspondent from SSBB college,Guntakal, Mrs.Radhika and Mrs.Lakshmi Devi shared their experiences and views on the Role of women in the present society. With dance performances, students portrayed the eminent personalities who achieved milestones in their respective fields . Students and women faculty participated in various activities and won prizes.The Managing director graced the occasion and set live examples of women who have empowered in making Gates unique . The correspondent smt.Padmavathamma and Director,smt.V.K Srivani shared the responsibilities a women undertakes in making the family strong and contribution towards the development of society .

On 03-08-2018 NSS Unit Volunteers has conducted an awareness talk to the students about swatchatha and seva and they identified dust particles in the campus and cleaned it to promote the cleanliness on the campus to keep campus premises clean and green without dispose of papers and wrappers.

On 07-07-2018 NSS unit has organized a program “Walk For Water”. The program has been conducted to create an awareness on water saving, preservation and conservation. The program commenced with the inaugurated of the Rally by Correspondent Smt. V.K Padmavathamma garu from Gandhi circle, Gooty. Addressing the rally Managing Director Sri.G.Raghunath Reddy has explained the essentiality of water and its importance in economic growth of the nation. He advised the people to minimize the wastage of water and maximize the water utilization. Director Smt.V.K Srivani in her addresses appealed the citizens of gooty town to save water.

Organized a mega blood donation camp in the campus. Nearly 170 boys and 30girls students of engineering and management studies have donated their blood. The program was coordinated by Sree Amarnath Reddy, convenor of Manavatha Blood Donors association on 08-03-2018 at Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty

Organized National Youth Day celebration on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s 155th Birth Anniversary on 12-01-2018 at Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty

A rally conducted on the occasion of National Unity day at Gooty town to pay a tribute of Sardar Vallabhbhai efforts for the nation to brought united and taken up reforms to make country strengthen on 31-10-2017,Gooty

organized SWACHAATA HI SEWA(SHS) as part of NSS day celebrations on 24-09-2017 at Gates Institute of technology,Gooty

Organized PLANTATION Drive on 19-09-2017 an association with SC, ST, BC welfare society Regd.No. 33 of 2017, at Model School, Gooty.

Organized blood grouping camp with the support of Tarimela Amarnath Reddy gaaru at college campus on 14/09/2017

Organized an awareness program on Anti-Ragging at Dr. Abdul Kalam Auditorium, GATES Institute of Technology, Gooty on 16-08-2017.
Awareness program on Voter Enrollment at GATES Institute of Technology on 19/07/2017