Principals Message

Principals Message

Hiiya Ho Hiiya !! Hiiya Ho Hiiya !!

These are the war cries of the marching spirited foot soldiers of the tribes in South America, set to the rhythmic beating of drums. They use these on two occasions - while setting forth on a new expedition against another challenging tribe and while returning with elated feelings of victory after having accomplished the task successfully.

Dear students, I am using this metaphor here to reflect the same sentiment for wishing all members of the Gates family, including freshers who are newly joining the Institute and our successful engineers who have completed their course and are eager and enthusiastic to take on the world on their own terms and face the many challenges of life.

Be like courageous warriors who have set forth with firm resolve and determination to achieve your goals in your chosen endeavors. Know that your path is not easy, but with unshaken faith to achieve, together with dedicated hard work and determination, you will march on to success.

You youngsters have started firmly on your career path. Fresh in mind and muscle, do not lose focus of your goal. Make the most use of this opportunity, put forth real efforts, play your game with fairness and emerge victorious.

Wish you all - all the very best for a glorious future.

Hiiya Ho Hiiya !! Hiiya Ho Hiiya !! Hiiya Ho Hiiya !!

Dr. A.S. Aravind