Events and Activities

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Events and Activities

Department of ECE takes every step possible to help the students better perform academically. A faculty member is appointed as a counselor for every 20 students to mentor, and monitor their daily attendance, internal and external marks. Remedial classes are conducted to those who need additional help. Along with the regular academic work department takes up many co-curricular activities that provides a platform to the students for applying their knowledge and creativity in the field of electronics.

Department of ECE regularly conducts workshops and Seminars and Guest lectures by eminent speakers in the area of Electronics. Every year Department of ECE organizes a National Level Technical Symposium. At the Symposium competitions are held in, Paper Presentations, Poster presentations, Working Model Presentation and Technical Quiz. Students from all over the state participate in this event. Below is the list of events recently conducted by Department of ECE.

The Symposiums organized by the ECE department are as follows:

S.No Academic Year Name of the Symposium Chief Guest Date of event
1 2017-18 SHODHANA-2K18 Dr. S. Krishnaiah, Registrar , JNTUA, Anantapuram 04/04/2018
2 2016-17 SHODHANA-2K17 Dr. K. Hemachandra Reddy, Professor, JNTUACEA, Anantapuram 11/03/2017
3 2015-16 SHODHANA-2K16 H.Sudharshan Rao Professor, JNTUACEA, Anantapuram 27-2-2016
4 2014-15 E-sandhan-2K15 National level technical symposium Dr.K.Ramanaidu
Professor,ECE Department
JNTUA, Anantapuram
5 2013-14 E-TRANICS 2K13 National level technical symposium Dr.K.Ramanaidu
Professor,ECE Department
JNTUA, Anantapuram
6 2011-12 E-TRANICS 2K12 National level technical symposium Dr.K.Soundararajan
Professor in ECE Dept,JNTUA Anantapuramu
Dr.K.Ramana Reddy
Head of ECE Dept
JNTU Anantapuramu


S.No. Academic Year Name of the Event Date of Event Resource Person
1 2018-19 6 Days workshop on Internet of Things 01-10-2018 to 08-10-2018 Mr.B.Nagaraju, Miss.D.Chandi Rani, Miss.D.Pratyusha - APSSDC
2 2018-19 3 Days workshop on Cyber Security 26-09-2018 to 28-09-2018 Mr. Sudrendranath, Mr.Phani Kumar - ESF Labs Ltd
3 2018-19 3 Days workshop on LabVIEW 08-08-2018 to 10-08-2018 V.Jeejesh Kumar, National Instruments
4 2017-18 3 Days workshop on LabVIEW 5-10-2017 to 7-10-2017 T.R. Balaji, National Instruments, Banglore
5 2015-16 2 Days Workshop on Arduino processor 28-03-2016 to 29-03-2016 Mr.G.Praveen Indus corporation Hyderabad
Mr.M.Prasanth Indus corporation Hyderabad
6 2015-16 2 Days Workshop on Image Processing 13-10-2015 to 14-10-2015 Dr.A.V.Paramkusham ,Sastra Micro Systems, Hyderabad
7 2014-15 2 Days Workshop on DIP using MATLAB 13-10-2014 to 14-10-2014 Dr.A.V.Paramkusham ,Sastra Micro Systems, Hyderabad
8 2014-15 1 Day Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks 20-09-2014 E.K.Krishnan, Welly Technologies Hyderabad
9 2013-14 2 Days Workshop on PCB Design 28-03-2014 to 29-03-2014 Mr.G.Praveen Indus corporation ,Hyderabad
10 2013-14 2 Days Workshop On DSP Processors 24-01-2014 to 25-01-2014 Dr.A.V.Paramkusham, Sastra micro systems
11 2013-14 3 Days Workshop On Robotics 02-09-2013 to 04-09-2013 Mr.S.Amay Bhopi & Mr.A.Ameeshagarwal, Technophilia Solutions Mumbai
12 2012-13 2 Days Workshop On PCB Design 11-02-2013 to 12-02-2013 Mr.G.Praveen & Mr.M.Prashant Indus corporation Hyderabad
13 2012-13 3 Days Workshop on Robotics 02-09-2012 to 04-09-2012 S.Amay Bhopi & A.Ameeshagarwal, Technophilia, Mumbai

Guest Lectures

S.No Academic Year Topic Resource Person Duration Date Target Audience
1 2017-18 Awareness Program on Career Guidance David Rajendra Reddy
Design Verification Engineer Cadence, Bangalore
1 day 19-08-2017 IV Year Students
2 2017-18 'Trends in Automotive Electronics' Dr.B.Abdul Rahim, Professor,
Department of ECE,
AITS, Rajampeta
1 day 11-08-2017 IV Year Students


Six days workshop on “Internet on Things “ 01/10/2018 to 08/10/2018
Resource person: B.Nagaraju,D.Chandi Rani,D.Pratyusha - APSSDC.

Three days workshop on “LabVIEW “ 08/08/2018 to 10/08/2018
Resource person: V.Jeejesh Kumar, National Instruments.

Three days workshop on “LabVIEW “ 05/10/2017 to 07/10/2017
Resource person: T.R. Balaji,Application Engineer- National Instruments, Bangalore.

Awareness Programme on Career Guidance on 19/08/2017
Resource person: David Rajendra Reddy, Design Verification Engineer Cadence, Bangalore.

Guest lecture on "Trends in Automotive Electronics" on 11/08/2017
Resource person: Dr.B.Abdul Rahim, Professor Dept.of ECE, AITS, Rajampeta.

A National Level Technical Symposium SHODHANA-2K17 on 11/03/2017
Dr.G.Mamatha,Assistant professor in ECE department, JNTUA Anantapur, invited as a judge for the ECE programme.

A National Level Technical Symposium SHODHANA-2K16 on 27/2/2016
Chief Guest:H.Sudharshan Rao Professor, JNTUACEA, Anantapuram.

2 Days Workshop on DIP using MATLAB on 13-10-2014 to 14-10-2014
Dr.A.V.Paramkusham ,Sastra Micro Systems, Hyderabad.