Vision and Mission

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Vision and Mission

To impart the best technical education instilled with discipline, values and leadership qualities that will produce professional technocrats in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


  • To impart fundamental Electrical and Electronics Engineering concepts and a broad set of technical skills.
  • To prepare Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduates who will engage effectively and responsibly in practicing engineering.
  • To impart practical exposure on latest technological developments in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

On successful completion of UG in electrical and electronics engineering, the Graduates will:

  • Have a successful professional career with a strong foundation in basic sciences, along with in-depth knowledge of electrical engineering.
  • Pursue higher studies to contribute for the betterment of the society.
  • Continue in their chosen profession by practicing lifelong learning.

On successful completion of UG in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, The graduate will have an ability to:

  • Apply the knowledge of mathematics, basic Sciences, Electrical and Electronics Engineering to solve complex problems in modern engineering practice.
  • Analyze the complex problems related to power generation, transmission, and distribution.
  • Design and develop the electrical and electronics products to meet the society needs.
  • Demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve electrical and electronics problems.
  • Use modern electrical and electronic engineering techniques and tools to measure the performance of various models.
  • Innovate the ideas about health safety and legal issues.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of electrical devices and need for sustainable development.
  • Demonstrate professional ethics social responsibilities.
  • Interact professionally as an individual, as a member of a team or leader to contribute in multi-disciplinary activities.
  • Communicate effectively both oral and the written.
  • Use project and finance management skills in carrying out various projects.
  • Engage lifelong learning to enhance the confidence levels.

On successful completion of UG in electrical and electronics engineering, the Graduates will:

  • Using Power Electronics knowledge in conjunction with Electrical Machines understanding to create an engineering solution in the domains of Electrical Drives.
  • Develop innovative cutting-edge technologies in power systems related to efficient electrical power conversion and control.
  • Course Outcomes (COs):

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