GATES Institute of Technology was established by G.Raghunatha Reddy Educational Trust in 2001 with a vision to offer quality technical education to the youth of Rayalaseema region while still giving back to the community.

Founder Sri. G.Raghunatha Reddy The trust was Founded by Sri G. Raghunatha Reddy who is an engineer himself. Though born in Kurnool he grew up in Kavali where his father G.Ramireddy worked as the Principal of Visvoodaya college. Sri Raghunatha Reddy graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from NBKRIST Vidya Nagar. After his graduation he worked as a lecturer in NBKRIST and also in GPREC, Kurnool. Later on, he found his passion for computers and moved into IT sector. He worked in Singapore, Malaysia and moved to USA in the year 1999. At the young age of 32, with a noble intention to give back to the region where he grew up, he established GATES Institute of Technology in the year 2001. His brother G.Maheshwara Reddy extended his full support in this endeavor.

Chairman Dr. Thomas.S.Reddy Dr Thomas.S.Reddy acts as the chairman of G.Raghunatha Reddy Educational Trust. He comes from a family of doctors and he himself is a Doctor by profession and renders his services in the town of Tadipatri, Ananthapur district. He graduated from Kurnool Medical College. He believes in the power of education and the change it can bring in the society. His dedication to cause of education is commendable.

Correspondent Smt V.K.Padmavathamma Smt V.K.Padmavathamma is the correspondent of the GATES Institute of Technology. She is the heart and soul of the GATES Institution. She is a woman of action. Her discipline and dedication has made the institution as one of the best in the region. She is known for her philanthropic work and for the service activities she conducts in the villages around Gooty. Under her leadership GATES has installed 200 kw solar power panels.

Director Smt V.K.Srivani Smt V.K.Srivani , member of G.Raghunatha Reddy Educational Trust, plays a very active role in the college activities. Her involvement gives a new direction to the institute.