Green Campus

Green Campus

Progressive thinking of our Late correspondent Sri V.K.Sudhir Reddy has made GATES stand tall as one of the very first and few educational institutions to completely run on solar power.This great initiative was taken in 2012.GATES institute is located near a small and historical town of Gooty in the district of Anantapur.

Anantapur receives hardly 15 inches of rain an year, only next to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan which receives the scantiest rainfall in India. One thing we have in abundance is sunlight. To put this sunlight to use and have uninterrupted power supply GATES started its first solar plant in 2012, a 150 KV capacity to meet all its power requirements.

In 2016 an additional 50 KV is added to meet the growing demands of the expanding institution.The entire institution, including labs and hostels have uninterrupted power supply because of this solar plant. Currently we produce more power than we consume.

GATES has taken many initiatives to conserve nature. Drought tolerant trees are planted all around the institution. In addition to that a 10 acre green belt in the 25 acres campus has been developed with many varieties of trees that can sustain in the high temperatures and less rainfall.

Every year students are encouraged to plant trees to help them understand the importance to conserve nature.As part of our corporate social responsibility we educate people of nearby villages about the importance of tree plantation and encourage them to plant more trees.

Rainwater harvesting is also done as part of the Green initiatives. A small check dam is built in the campus to collect the rainwater. Recently rainwater harvesting pits were also dug to collect the rainwater, which in turn will help increase ground water.