Ampere Club

Ampere Club

Ampere Club Inauguration:

It is an initiative taken by the Electrical and Electronics Engineering students of GATES to encourage and inculcate domain practical knowledge and to provide holistic development. Objectives:
1. The club aims to train engineers from all branches to work on different aspects of their existing skills and various competitions so they develop a wider skill set.
2. The aim is to develop a better understanding of any concept that the members might be interested in and complete their tenure with utmost knowledge and skills.
3. Participating in maximum number of competitions so we can provide maximum practical competitiveness and application of taught skills.
al competitiveness and application of taught skills.

Constitution of the Ampere Club consists of:

SL.No Name of the Person Designation Post
1 Mr. M. Paramesh Assistant Professor Faculty co-ordinator
2 P.Ayesha Khanam III Yr EEE Student President
3 N.Khaleel Basha II Yr EEE Student Vice President
4 S. Pavan Kumar I Yr EEE Student Secretary

Project Expo 2K23
1. On 29th Nov 2023, The Project Expo 2K23 at GATES Institute of Technology, Gooty showcased an array of innovative projects developed by students through clubs like Ampere Club, Project Club, and GATES IDEA Club. The event, inaugurated by Smt. V. K. Padmavathamma, featured the active participation of the institute's esteemed faculty and management, including Dr. Syed Suraya, Principal, who engaged with students, providing valuable feedback and encouragement. Mrs. V. K. Padmavathamma and Mrs. V. K. Srivani commended the participants and organizers, highlighting the importance of such events in fostering creativity, practical knowledge, and ethical values among students.