Principals Message

Principals Message


Dr.Bhaskar Patel  M.Tech(IISc),Ph.D(UK),PGCE(UK)

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Contact : +91 9490082001 (Office)

Welcome to GATES Institute of Technology!!!!

                          Education is for Emancipation

                          Education is for Enlightenment

                          Education is for Empowerment.


Since time  immemorial , the underling philosophy the education has been  to fulfill the above three Es. The ever changing and dynamic economic and industrial scenario has compel education to reflect on Enable, Empower and to Entrepreneur.

We, at GATES firmly believe in the core values Discipline, Determination and Dedication and these form the foundation for structurally preparing young engineering and management graduates to real life challenges professionally. Adequate infrastructure and committed faculty members ensure the sojourn of the students in meaningful leaning experience.

Join the journey to pursue the professional and scientific learning.