Vision and Mission

Mechanical Engineering

Vision and Mission

Department Vision:
Mechanical Engineering Department strives to provide quality technical education and prepare the students to become well qualified engineers competent to face global challenges and to serve humanity by acquiring adequate professional knowledge, skills and training.

Department Mission:
The Department of Mechanical Engineering strives to continually engage in:

  • Ensuring quality teaching-learning process to provide in-depth knowledge of basic concepts, principles and applications of processes, tools and systems pertaining to Mechanical Engineering and interdisciplinary areas.
  • Providing practical training through state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.
  • Involving the students in innovative and group work exercises and projects useful for real-life applications.
  • Preparing the students in developing research, design, entrepreneurial and employability capabilities.
  • Providing consultancy services and promoting Industry-Department interactions.
  • Enhancing the visibility of the Department through seminars, workshops and publications.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOS):
On successful completion of UG in Mechanical engineering, the Graduates will:

  • To prepare the students to grab the opportunities in various mechanical Engineering industries and confident enough in their professional development.
  • To prepare the students to continue higher education and apply their creativity in research and development.
  • To prepare the students to have concern for the ethical values and make them responsible for the economic development of the nation.

Programme Outcomes (POs):
On successful completion of UG in Mechanical Engineering, The graduate will have an:

  • Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to find  the solution for mechanical engineering problems.
  • Ability to formulate and analyze various experimental data
  • Ability to design a system, component, or process to meet the society needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, safety and sustainability.
  • Ability to conduct experiments and investigate the experimental data for the effective performance.
  • Ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for Mechanical engineering solutions.
  • Ability to understand a social, cultural and ethical responsibility
  • Ability to develop engineering solutions by considering environment and the need for sustainable development.
  • Ability to apply various ethical theories on multidisciplinary groups.
  • Ability to perform and implement the assigned task as individual and as a group member.
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Knowledge and understanding of principles of management and finance in relation to engineering projects.
  • Appreciation of technological change and the need for independent life-long learning.
  • Making an individual striving for continuous learning to stay up-to-date with technological trends.