Vision and Mission

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Vision and Mission

Department Vision:
"To be a center of excellence in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering through high qualitative technical education and to produce skillful professionals with ethical and human values to contribute to the society."

Department Mission:
M1 To provide excellent education and learning environment with state of the art infrastructure and faculty through a balanced curriculum.
M2 To empower students by developing necessary skills to solve technological problems.
M3 To instill professional ethics and moral values among the students.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):
On successful completion of UG in Electronics and Communication Engineering, the Graduates will:
PEO1: Acquire adequate knowledge in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering to have a successful career.
PEO2: Pursue higher studies with the focusing on R&D activities in the related areas.
PEO3: Take up entrepreneurship by practicing lifelong learning with innovation

Programme Outcomes (POs):
On successful completion of UG in Electronics and Communication Engineering, The graduate will have an ability to
PO1: Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering to solve the engineering problems in analog and digital electronic systems.
PO2: Identify, formulate and analyze the problems from the various issues of communication systems.
PO3: Design Analog and digital systems to meet the desired needs within a realistic constraint.
PO4: Design a circuit, conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the results to Provide valid conclusions.
PO5: Use modern tools to simulate electronic systems and analyze the performance of various models.
PO6: Develop electronic systems and solutions to meet the societal needs, considering awareness of security, health and legal issues.
PO7: Provide innovative ideas by understanding the impact of engineering solutions for the sustainable developments.
PO8: Function with professional ethics and social responsibilities.
PO9: Work as an individual, member of a team or leader in multidisciplinary activities.
PO10: Communicate effectively with outside world and engineering fraternity.
PO11: Demonstrate the knowledge of project and finance management skills to carry out projects in multidisciplinary environment.
PO12: Engage lifelong learning and to adapt rapidly changing technologies.

Course Outcomes (COs):

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