Vision and Mission

Computer Science and Engineering

Vision and Mission

Department Vision:
To impart the quality technical education providing academic excellence in the area of Computer Science & Engineering.

Department Mission:

  • To achieve Academic excellence through innovative learning practices and to prepare students to adapt to the challenges of an ever changing market needs.
  • To build necessary skills required for employability through career development Training and to encourage students to pursue higher studies.
  • To enrich students with good character and high integrity to serve the society.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):
The B. Tech CSE graduates will be able to:

  • Take up professional career with expertise in analyzing and solving CSE related problems.
  • Pursue higher studies and succeed in research with rich knowledge in emerging technologies.
  • Continue learning and to adopt technological developments combined with deep awareness of ethical responsibilities in their profession.

Programme Outcomes (POs):
On successful completion of UG in Computer Science and Engineering, The students will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals to solve engineering problems.
  • Identify, analyze and formulate the appropriate solutions to solve Computer Science related problems.
  • Design and construct a computing system or process to meet the societal needs, within realistic constraints.
  • Analyze and design an algorithm to interpret data to provide solutions to solve complex problems.
  • Use modern tools and techniques to analyze the performance of various methods.
  • Propose innovative ideas by considering the societal, health, safety and legal issues.
  • Understand the contemporary issues of society by providing solutions for sustainable development.
  • Work as professional by practicing ethical and social responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate the management skills to work as an individual, member of a team or as a leader in multi-disciplinary areas.
  • Communicate effectively through written and oral skills with outside world and engineering fraternity.
  • Understand and apply project and finance management skills to carry out projects.
  • Continue as computing professional by practicing lifelong learning.

Course Outcomes (COs):

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